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About Us Kru Jim Cass

Kru Jim Cass has been involved in the martial arts for the past 35 years (25 of those 35 years teaching full-time) and in this time has acquired an impressive list of credentials. As an early pioneer of the sport, Jim participated in Queensland's first ever Muay Thai bout in the late eighties and has the distinction of being the first Queenslander to win a professional Australian Muay Thai title.

He has Travelled to Thailand, the home of Muay Thai many time and has fought and won and has been to many training camps to better his skills.

Kru Jim has held the Australian Welterweight Muay Thai title and also holds a probationary 3rd degree black belt in Zen Do Kai and a brown belt in Judo.

With an 25 year history of full time Muay Thai Jim has the experience in all aspects of Muay Thai which spans the whole spectrum of the sport. He has progressed from being a professional Muay Thai fighter to Muay Thai trainer and then as a promoter of professional Muay Thai fights. He remains the longest serving promoter in Queensland and has a reputation for organising high quality shows that give the fans value for money.

25 years of full time Muay Thai teaching experience, including South Pacific and Australian title holders and numerous state champions has given Jim the experience, knowledge and talent to know what works. Spending time with you on an individual basis and ensuring all his students are constantly improving their skills.

Whether it be for ring fighting, self defence or general fitness, Valhalla Stables offers one of the best fully equipped gyms in Australia with boxing ring, a range of bags, speed balls and weights in a very friendly atmosphere.

Jim has a full time team of trainers involved in teaching the muay thai skills.